3 Ways Preventative Dentistry Indirectly Benefits Your Overall Well-Being

You’ve probably heard that you should visit your dentist every year for a checkup and twice a year for a cleaning. However, if you are like a lot of people, you may only make it to the dentist when you notice something is wrong, and possibly not even then. Recent research suggests that as many as one in four people in this country has tooth decay that has been left untreated. Preventative dental care is important for your smile for sure, but what you may not know is how this care for your mouth can offer indirect benefits for the rest of your health.

1. Lower Your Risks of Heart Disease
Even though poor oral health seems like just an issue for your smile, poor oral health may be bad for your heart. Specifically, gum disease may heighten risks of heart disease and poor oral health habits may lead to dangerous infectious bacteria in your bloodstream that can affect the valves of your heart.

2. Support Mental Health and Wellness
A number of things can take place when you have dental health problems. You may have problems chewing your food, speaking properly, or feel self-conscious when you smile. All of these problems can be hard on your mental health because they can induce a certain level of social anxiety. Another surprising fact you may not know, some research has suggested that bacteria from gum disease may affect neurons in your brain and be linked to memory loss.

3. Give Your Body the Nutrition it Needs for the Long-Term
When you lose your teeth or your teeth hurt when you eat, you naturally change your diet to take in things that are easier to chew. Unfortunately, this can mean you may be missing out on valuable nutrients your body needs like fiber and protein.
Let’s Discuss Your Preventative Dental Health Plan in Jacksonville, FL.

What may seem like a mundane part of taking care of your smile is far more valuable than just thwarting issues with cosmetic appearance. If you have yet to find a dentist in Jacksonville, FL to help you with your oral health plan, reach out to us at the office of Dr. Matt Henry to schedule your appointment.

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