4 Signs Your Dental Implant Needs to Be Restored

It is not uncommon for a dental implant to last for decades if not the lifetime of the patient. However, some people do have issues with their dental implant and it should be restored. Take a look at just a few of the signs that you may need to talk to your dentist about dental implant restoration.

1. Inflammation, Pain, or Swelling Around the Implant

Once an implant is in place, fused to the bones, and the soft tissue has healed, your implant should be like a perfectly healthy new tooth. If you have issues with inflammation, pain, or swelling around the implant, it is definitely not a good sign. Typically, these symptoms are a sign of infection, which can mean the implant and tissue once healed around it are coming apart and allowing bacteria in.

2. A Loose Implant

A dental implant should never be loose; it should be seated tightly in the bone and tissue so it does not move. A loose implant can be a sign that the implant is failing, which essentially means the fusion to the jawbone is non-existent. These issues happen frequently directly after the implantation, but any issues beyond that point are a sign an implant needs to be restored. If your implant falls out, get to the dentist right away for treatment.

3. Gum Recession Around the Implant

Gum recession around the implant is never a good sign. This issue can happen for a few reasons, but some of the most common reasons can be related to infection or lack of blood supply to the existing soft tissue around the implant. If you see the soft tissue around your implant changing, talk to your dentist right away to find out if restoration may be necessary.

Find Out More About Dental Implant Restoration in Jacksonville

Your dental implant is designed to give you a long-term replacement for a missing tooth. If you have issues with an implant you have, there is no doubt you will want to get it fixed or replaced. If you suspect you have a dental implant that needs attention from a professional, reach out to us at the office of Dr. Matt Henry in Jacksonville, FL.


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