How Long Do the Effects of Sedation Dentistry Last?

Sedation dentistry is just one of the many ways that Dr. Matt Henry offers to help patients feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair. If you’re a person who gets anxious about visiting the dentist or feels nervous when you hear the classic sound of dental instruments, you may want to learn more about sedation dentistry. One of the most common questions that we are asked aboutsedation dentistry in Jacksonville, FL, is how long the effects last.

There are different kinds of available sedation dentistry. Each one is a little bit different than the others. When you come to our office, you will likely do well with one of two options, which are nitrous oxide (commonly called laughing gas) and oral sedation medications.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is the original form of sedation dentistry. It consists of a mild sedative gas that you inhale through a mask. The effect can be compared to how you feel at home when you’re completely relaxed, maybe sitting on your porch with your eyes closed, listening to the sounds of nature. With nitrous oxide, you may or may not fall asleep. Either way, you’ll be unconcerned with the work that the dentist is doing. You won’t be unconscious unless you feel like falling asleep. The effects of nitrous oxide wear off very gently after the mask is removed. By the time you leave the dentist’s office, you’ll be alert and ready to go on with your day, including going to work.

Oral Sedation Medications

Oral sedation medications make you feel in a similar way to nitrous oxide, but they don’t wear off as quickly. The feeling is similar to how nighttime cold medicine makes you sleepy. Oral sedation medications can make you feel drowsy even after you leave the dentist’s chair. For this reason, we recommend that you have someone drive you home and consider taking the rest of the day off from work. By the evening, though, you should be feeling back to your normal self!

You can rest assured that yourJacksonville, FL, dentist has your comfort in mind the whole time. Contact us to book an appointment to learn more.

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