Tips for Flossing Around Dental Implants (or not)

Do you really need to floss around yourdental implants in Jacksonville, FL? Besides, they are artificial teeth, so why would you need to bother with flossing? Let’s talk about flossing and your dental implants for a moment.


Here, we will give you some tips for flossing around your dental implants. We are also going to go over some of the conflicting information about whether or not you should floss around your implants and why. Your best bet is to ask yourdentist in Jacksonville, FL, what they recommend for your particular situation. That way, you’re covered.

  • Thread your floss correctly.
  • Floss gently by slowly sliding it up and down.
  • Consider using a water flosser instead of floss.
  • Be extremely careful so you don’t break the peri-implant seal around your implant and gums.

Why You Should Floss Around Your Dental Implants

Even though your dental implants are artificial teeth, food and other debris still get around them, which must be removed. This will help prevent plaque from building up and causing an oral infection that could spread to other parts of your body.

Conflicting Information about Flossing with Dental Implants

Why would a dentist ever recommend not flossing your dental implants? Well, there are several reasons.

Floss can shred and get stuck between your implant and gums. When you have dental implants, the space between your teeth is generally wider than with your natural teeth. So, floss might prove ineffective. And lastly, many people floss too aggressively. It’s too easy to accidentally break or damage the thin barrier between your implants and your gums. This will allow bacteria to reach the underlying jawbone. Unfortunately, this can lead to implant failure and bone loss.

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Matt Henry: Have Questions About Nitrous Oxide? We Can Help!

Do you have dental anxiety? If so, your dentist may recommend sedation dentistry for your next dental appointment. The most common form of sedation dentistry is a gas called nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide takes effect quickly and wears off just as fast. It’s convenient and safe for use during your dental procedure. If your dentist in Jacksonville, FL has recommended nitrous oxide for your next dental appointment, here’s what you need to know.

What Is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a gas that’s inhaled through a mask during dental procedures. Sometimes, nitrous oxide is called “laughing gas.” Nitrous oxide can give patients a feeling of euphoria and calm throughout their dental visit. This feeling of calm can help patients sit still and relax while their dental procedure is taking place.

Who Benefits from Nitrous Oxide?

People who benefit from nitrous oxide are typically people who have dental anxiety. Some people who experience fear of the dentist will avoid making dental appointments because of their fear. Nitrous oxide can make the appointment less scary and more relaxing, and that can help the dental patient get over their fear.

What Does Nitrous Oxide Feel Like?

Nitrous oxide can help patients feel calm, peaceful, and detached during their dental appointment. While the appointment is happening, their mind may drift and their muscles stay relaxed.

Does Nitrous Oxide Eliminate Pain During the Dental Procedure?

Nitrous oxide does not eliminate pain during the procedure. If your dentist anticipates that a procedure will hurt, they may use an anesthetic to numb the area. Nitrous oxide can eliminate discomfort, but this discomfort is often emotional or psychological, rather than actual physical pain.

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The dental professionals at Dr. Matt Henry’s office offer sedation dentistry in Jacksonville, FL. Think you could benefit from nitrous oxide at your next dental appointment? Call us today to make your appointment.

What’s Nitrous Oxide? Can It Help Me?

If you’re afraid of visiting the dentist, there are many strategies you can use to keep yourself calm throughout the visit, including sedation dentistry, like nitrous oxide. As your dentist in Jacksonville, FL, the professionals at Dr. Matt Henry are happy to provide our patients with nitrous oxide. If you suffer from dental anxiety, this dental tool can help make your visit less stressful.

What Is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a form of sedation dentistry that’s inhaled through a mask. Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, is a fast-acting, effective form of sedation that gives patients a feeling of calm euphoria.

Nitrous oxide starts working almost immediately after it’s inhaled and continues to work until the gas supply is shut off. Once the supply is shut off, the patient returns to their normal state quickly.

Unlike some other forms of sedation, nitrous oxide doesn’t require the patient to get a ride home from the dentist. In fact, the patient can go back to work and operate heavy machinery following their dental appointment.

Who Needs Nitrous Oxide?

You can benefit from nitrous oxide if you have a fear of visiting the dentist. Don’t avoid your appointments because you’re afraid of undergoing a dental cleaning. Nitrous oxide can make the experience at the dentist less stressful and more relaxing.

You may also be a good candidate for nitrous oxide if you’re about to undergo a lengthy and uncomfortable dental procedure. Your dentist will let you know if sedation dentistry is appropriate for your upcoming appointment.

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If you think you could benefit fromsedation dentistry in Jacksonville, FL, call the office of Dr. Matt Henry to schedule a cleaning, and ask about sedation when you’re making the appointment.