How Long Does a Tooth-Whitening Treatment Last

Are your teeth yellowed and stained? Have you tried tooth-whitening toothpaste or a variety of DIY brightening treatments? Do you long for a dazzling smile?

First Step: Ask Your Dentist

At Healthy Smiles for Life in Jacksonville, FL, Dr. Matt Henry can help restore your happy smile through various cosmetic dental procedures tailored to your particular needs.

If regular brushing with quality toothpaste and professional dental cleanings have failed to deliver the results you desire, discuss other options for whitening and brightening your teeth with our team.

At our family-friendly Jacksonville practice, we concentrate on oral health and hygiene but also understand the importance of a bright, friendly smile.

Understand the Causes

As a person ages, teeth naturally lose some of their luster. Tooth whiteness is influenced by genetics as well as diet and dental hygiene. It is a fact, however, that tea and coffee, red wine, tomato sauces and curries, and smoking contribute to dull and yellowed teeth. Other foods and practices can cause staining, chipping, small pits, or marks on tooth enamel.

Explore Options with Our Team

Our professional team will be happy to discuss the available options to whiten your teeth and improve your smile. We offer whitening, veneers, bonding, and in-office procedures that can be highly effective.

Whitening is only one of our cosmetic dental options. Share your expectations and allow our team to explain what whitening means fully. Typically, it involves the application of gel or paste, and the whitening process may be activated by lighting or lasers.

Optimally, a professional whitening can be expected to last between six months and a year. Healthy habits such as eating raw vegetables and apples may help maximize the length of time your teeth remain bright.

Request an appointment to discuss tooth whitening procedures and let our team answer your questions.

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