How to Improve Your Smile in One Dental Visit

Are you happy with your smile? If not, it’s time to talk with your dentist in Jacksonville, FL. A fast dental visit can give you the simple solutions you need to improve your smile in just one visit.

How to Improve Your Smile in One Dental Visit

Dentistry is amazing! It saves teeth, protects teeth, and can transform teeth. But if you want to improve your smile, this is easily done with two different dental procedures: dental bonding and cosmetic contouring.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures to Improve Your Smile

Two types of cosmetic dentistry in Jacksonville, FL, will improve your smile in just one dental visit.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding includes the same composite resin you receive with your filling, but it is used differently. It repairs cracked and chipped teeth, lengthens teeth, and repairs misshapen teeth. Your natural tooth is numbed, the tooth’s surface is etched, and then your tooth is covered in composite resin. Once the dentist has applied several layers, they will cure it with a special light. The tooth is then molded and sculpted, and your bite is then tested. Your new smile is now complete!

Cosmetic Contouring

During cosmetic contouring, your dentist doesn’t add any new material to your tooth/teeth. Instead, they sand and buff the outside of your tooth/teeth. This is perfect for chipped teeth, eliminating the appearance of bumps or pits in your teeth and fixing slightly misshapen teeth. Some patients elect to fix the appearance of excessively long teeth, dull teeth, jagged teeth, teeth with sharp edges… You get the idea. Your new smile is beautifully perfected!

Do You Need a Dentist in Jacksonville, FL?

If you would like to easily perfect your smile!? Contact Dr. Matt Henry. We love making people smile. So let us know what you’re not happy with, and we will go over your options for fixing it! Our offices are warm and inviting, and we have advanced technology designed to make everything we do just a little more comfortable. So don’t delay. Contact us today!

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