Tips for Flossing Around Dental Implants (or not)

Do you really need to floss around yourdental implants in Jacksonville, FL? Besides, they are artificial teeth, so why would you need to bother with flossing? Let’s talk about flossing and your dental implants for a moment.


Here, we will give you some tips for flossing around your dental implants. We are also going to go over some of the conflicting information about whether or not you should floss around your implants and why. Your best bet is to ask yourdentist in Jacksonville, FL, what they recommend for your particular situation. That way, you’re covered.

  • Thread your floss correctly.
  • Floss gently by slowly sliding it up and down.
  • Consider using a water flosser instead of floss.
  • Be extremely careful so you don’t break the peri-implant seal around your implant and gums.

Why You Should Floss Around Your Dental Implants

Even though your dental implants are artificial teeth, food and other debris still get around them, which must be removed. This will help prevent plaque from building up and causing an oral infection that could spread to other parts of your body.

Conflicting Information about Flossing with Dental Implants

Why would a dentist ever recommend not flossing your dental implants? Well, there are several reasons.

Floss can shred and get stuck between your implant and gums. When you have dental implants, the space between your teeth is generally wider than with your natural teeth. So, floss might prove ineffective. And lastly, many people floss too aggressively. It’s too easy to accidentally break or damage the thin barrier between your implants and your gums. This will allow bacteria to reach the underlying jawbone. Unfortunately, this can lead to implant failure and bone loss.

Looking for a Dentist in Jacksonville, FL?

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